NodEnabler 3.0 (32/64bit)

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* Now supports version 4 ESET software when self-defence is turned on. Similar to the way NodLogin does it, but much faster and more reliable. Cheers to all the Windows 7 users for reporting their experiences with the old version of NodENabler, this version trys the old method first and then if it fails, uses the new one.
* Now waits for one to five minutes for internet access before trying to check the existing license (one minute with no network connection at all, five when there is a network connection but no route to the internet). No more wifi issues.
* Should now work with http proxy servers. It uses the same settings as Internet explorer (and so needs it installed on the computer to work). I don't have access to a proxy to test it.
* Made some changes to the uninstaller to make it much smarter, and next to impossible to delete any files you still want.
* A single Vista scheduled task now works with all connection types.
* Added a readme that should hopefully cover all of what the average user needs to know.
* Removed lots of unnecessary pauses in the code to make it run faster.
* Performed a slight visual update on the tray balloons, hopefully making them more useful and easier to understand.
* Lots of other minor tweaks and fixes here and there.

Please remove any old versions of NodEnabler (or any other ESET cracks you might be using) before installing version 3.0!!!

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NodEnabler 3.0 (32/64bit)

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