VA - All Woman 4 (2009)

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01 Katy Perry: Hot’n’cold
02 Lily Allen: the Fear
03 Leona Lewis: Better in Time
04 Christina Aguilera: Keeps Getting’ Better
05 Jordin Sparks Feat. Chris Brown: No Air
06 Ida Maria: I Like You So Much Better when You’re Naked
07 Anne Linnet: Kan Jeg Gore Noget
08 Alicia Keys: Teenage Love Affair
09 Idaaida: en Klassiker
10 Kira: Riders of the Freeway
11 Nneka: Heartbeat
12 Marie Key Band: Gar Hun Ikke Meget for Sig Selv
13 Ayoe Angelica: Everybody Loves You
14 Mariamatilde Band: Mars og Venus
15 Kleerup Feat. Marit Bergman: 3 Am
16 Aura: Song for Sophie
17 Tina Dickow: a New Situation
18 Medina: Kun for Mig (Remix

01 Jazmine Sullivan: Bust Your Windows
02 Sanne Salomonsen: Taxa
03 Britney Spears: Womanizer
04 P!nk: So What
05 Szhirley: Ingen Vej Udenom
06 Santogold: L.e.s. Artistes
07 Brandy: Right Here
08 Julie: Lige Nu
09 Kt Tunstall: if Only You Could See Me Now
10 Estelle: American Boy
11 Maria Timm: Dirty Place
12 Annika Aakj?r: Lille Filantrop
13 Sarah Mclachlan: U Want Me 2
14 Ida Ostergaard: on His Knee
15 Oh Land: Audition Day
16 Jennifer Hudson: Spotlight
17 Sara Bareilles: Bottle It Up
18 Celine Dion: Right Next to the Right One

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